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Cruise Into My Heart

Who Knows?
Chelsea Crawford, Chicago attorney, thought as she boarded the plane to begin her first ever, ten day Christmas cruise to Bora Bora.  Would she find love in addition to warm sunshine and sandy beaches?  Her question is answered on the plane when she meets handsome financial wizard Cameron Brooks.  She learns that he is the brother and best man of famous model, Dylan Brooks, who is to be married in Bora Bora, to the daughter of a scandalous Hollywood couple.

To Cameron,  meeting Chelsea was love at first sight.  If he wasn’t responsible for his brother’s wedding, he would spend every moment with her, but he can’t.  He tries to balance his time with Chelsea, but between his brother’s outlandish antics and the publicity-seeking in-laws, things escalate out of hand.

Who knew?
Chelsea was Cameron’s aunt’s attorney!  So what if his aunt doesn’t share his last name.  But when Cameron accuses Chelsea of dating him for his money, it becomes a deal breaker.  The cruise has ended and the relationship is off!

Cameron wishes he could take back his harsh words after a tongue lashing from his aunt.  Now his family won’t speak to him.  But how can he find her?  He never learned Chelsea’s last name!

The Sin Bin

Bad boy NHL Star, Scott McGregor, goes through women like water. He enjoys his life and has no intention of settling down any time soon. When he’s introduced to his hockey idol, Sergi Zemtsov, it’s Sergi’s daughter, Kylie, who steals his attention. Other women fade away, and only Kylie fills his obsessive thoughts.

Professional golfer, Kylie Zemtsov is focused on her budding career and doesn’t have time for men. Her legendary father taught her all about players, and she knows she should stay away from Scott and his bad boy ways. It doesn’t matter how infatuated she might be with him, but when Scott pursues, she decides to give him a chance—give them both a chance.

Their timing couldn’t be worse. Scott’s team is in contention for the Stanley Cups Playoffs, while Kylie is on a roll winning LPGA tournaments. Seeing each other means flying from coast to coast and seeing each other whenever they can steal the time. Under a great pressure, their relationship is tested, and if they can’t figure it out, they’ll both end up in the Sin Bin serving a penalty that will cost them a lifetime apart.


Single mother and successful business woman, Mel Chalmers and her six year old son, TJ, have moved up in the world to the house of their dreams in Scottsdale, Arizona. However, her new neighbor, recently divorced NFL linebacker, Luke Allen, turns out to be not very neighborly at all. Mel refuses to let it get her down, however TJ, who idolizes Luke, is very disappointed.

Normally, Luke is a really nice guy but things have been tough for him. Not only did his wife divorce him, he just lost his job as the starting linebacker in the NFL. He needs to find a job and other teams are interested in him but he doesn’t want to move. He starts to feel badly about the way he has treated TJ and Mel and goes about to correct it. When he learns he has his old job back, he wants to give Mel and TJ a chance of being a real family.

Mel is thrilled at first, but then she meets up with the wives and baby mamas of the players. She realizes that maybe she won’t fit in with their diva personalities and their Reality Housewives lifestyle. How can Luke convince her she’ll be fine in his world?  (Available through Amazon, B&N, and Blushing Books.)

When The Runway Went South

Every young woman would like to be like the famous New York fashion model, Ally Duncan, right? A successful career; constantly linked to celebrities, a wealthy boyfriend and a nice lifestyle to boot. What looks like a great lifestyle is far from it. The New York fashion industry only sees Ally as just another pretty face worth millions of dollars and her boyfriend is a two-timing liar. Ally decides to give up her career as well as men and packs up her things headed for Texas. She buys a house, a disguised money pit, adjacent to a cattle ranch. Not a good move for a first time home owner.

Caleb Strait, confirmed bachelor and owner of the cattle ranch, wants nothing to do with women. To have someone like Ally as a neighbor, sets his temper on edge. Things used to be quiet until she came along.

Can a New York model find love with a cowboy? Can a cowboy find love with a fashion model? Watch out as the sparks fly.  (This title will be available for purchase again soon.)

Play For Me

Samantha Stevens finds her life spinning out of control due to the downturn of the economy. One minute she’s a young, hot shot Vice President in Chicago and now finds herself on the unemployment line. But not for long. In matter of days, she lands a job in Los Angeles working for aging rock star, Jett Robinson who wants her to help get his career back on track. Samantha quickly learns how to deal with wealth, sensitive egos and crazed fans.

Ian Andrews, a semi retired Navy Seal and architect, has been hired to do the work on Jett’s house in Maui. Ian meets Samantha and is immediately intrigued by Samantha’s smoking hot looks, as well as her humor, honesty and outlook on life. At first, Samantha is put off by Ian’s model good looks, but soon finds Ian to be an amazing person.

Just as things between Ian and Samantha heat up, conflicts between Samantha’s overprotective brother, her very opinionated mother and Ian’s Seal connections become too much. Both Samantha and Ian want their relationship to work, but can true love really conquer all?  (This title will be available for purchase again soon.)

Flag On The Play

Payton Walters loves her job as a sportscaster for the National Football League. She has worked hard to get to this point in her career and thanks to her knowledge, has earned the respect of her peers in this male dominated field. Some view her as eye candy, but her knowledge and no nonsense attitude about the game has grudgingly given her respect amongst her peers. She is not shy about her critiques on certain players and teams, calling it as she sees it. She is still single, what seems to be the enviable position of working around so many football players – like every woman would dream of this chance and be like a kid in a candy store. However, one thing Payton has learned over the years is that most of these athletes have egos the size of Texas. Not her type of man.

Bad boy Kyle Ross, a star quarterback in the NFL, is trying to turn his life around. Even though he plays an excellent game, his social life needs major work. After years of dating actresses and models, he has had it with their shallow personalities. Payton is an old friend and Kyle has always been close to her father, a famous high school football coach. When he meets up with Payton during the season, he wants to revive their friendship, but Payton doesn’t want anything to do with him – not only because of his image, but because Kyle plays for her least favorite team. Kyle needs to change his image quickly if he wants Payton to take him seriously. How far will Kyle go to win not just the season, but Payton?  (This title will be available for purchase again soon.)

Not Just An Act

Deanna Titone, New Jersey native, has just inherited Hideaway Villa—an upscale B & B right outside Branson, Missouri—from her cousin. This stroke of good luck allows her to quit her stressful job and start her life over. Running this business should be easy, right?

No one warned Deanna about the bizarre demands guests could make while booking reservations, or staying overnight, nor about the quirky staff—including the handsome handyman, Gus Swenson, who mysteriously showed up on her first day. After a couple of trying days, Deanna is ready to give up.

Chet Lancaster is one of Hollywood’s famous actors. Recently, Chet has watched his career, and his life, tailspin into tabloid fodder. Reluctantly, he accepts the role of an ex-con turned handyman for his next movie in the hopes of reviving his career. In order to research his upcoming role, his agent sends him undercover to Hideaway Villa as Gus Swenson. The catch—no one can know his true identity.

Keeping the truth from Deanna is harder than Chet could have imagined, especially after the sparks fly between them. Can he convince her that his love is true, and not just an act?  (Available through Amazon, B&N, and Blushing Books.)

For The Love Of Par

Professional golfer, Stacie Thomas, certainly knows her way around the golf course. But when it comes to men, all she can do is make double bogies. When she bumps into Dirk, she realizes that somehow, her brother’s best friend has grown into the most gorgeous man she’s ever laid eyes on. The spark is instant. But there’s more than one reason to hesitate—namely, her boyfriend Ryan. Should she dare take a chance on Dirk at the risk of losing their renewed friendship?

Dirk Dixon, sports anchor for the local NBC channel, intentionally runs into Stacie while covering the LPGA Open. He’d been in love with her for as long as he could remember, but knew that he would never be anything more than her little brother’s best friend. Being Stacie’s friend is just not enough anymore. He wants more, and he’s determined to get it. The only problem is can he get Stacie to see the man he has become?    (Available through Amazon, B&N, and Blushing Books.)